Beauty is a Pointer to Truth

In Christianity on March 16, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Simple computer code is described as “elegant.” A brilliant algorithm in physics that encapsulates many complex dynamics is sometimes termed a “simple solution.” In a similar way, Thomas Dubay’s The Evidential Power of Beauty suggests that beauty is a pointer to truth.

God created and He said, “It is good.” Even during the process of creation (in whatever way we understand that), Genesis 2:9 says the various trees God made were “delightful to look at,” before it mentions that functionally they were “good for food.”

Dubay: “There are many and diverse reasons why . . . men and women enter the Catholic Church, but never in my experience have they been looking for something that accommodates the spirit of the world, that compromises principles for the sake of pleasure and comfort. Invariably they are attracted to beauty of one type or another.”

Yes.  Christianity Richly.

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