Majesty and Glory

In Catholic, Christianity, Liturgy on July 6, 2009 at 7:40 pm

The Canticle from Morning Prayer, Monday Week II in The Liturgy of Hours, includes these words:

Fill Zion with your majesty, your temple with your glory. (Sirach 36:13)

Right worship is evangelical—not in the sense of protestant evangelicalism, but in the sense of the new evangelization to which Pope John Paul II called us all, in his Encyclical “Mission of the Redeemer,” his Apostolic Letter “At the Beginning of the Third Millennium,”and elsewhere.  We get a glimpse of the glory of the Lord!

Men and women in twenty-first century Western cultures are longing for transcendence and authenticity.  We long for transcendence in the hope that something or someone significant will give our lives meaning. The old song “Is That All There Is?” expresses, even four decades later, our ongoing existential dilemma.  And we long for authenticity, because so much in our world is shallow, insincere, or false.

Did you experience the glory and majesty of God in the Mass on Sunday?  Is it possible, as John Paul II’s “Mission of the Redeemer” points out, that some of us may need to be re-evangelized ourselves—or as Dave Nodar writes, “need to be socialized into situations of vibrant faith.”

May we always show the authenticity of God’s majesty and glory through our worship! May each Mass be powerful “evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). May your parish be blessed with evangelical worship and the Gospel of Jesus Christ thereby be advanced in our world. Christianity Richly!

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