Gospel in Glass, Introduction

In Christianity on August 16, 2010 at 3:00 pm

The richness of the Gospel can be presented many ways. As St. Francis said, “Preach always! Sometimes, even use words.” One very important way we preach the Gospel is to live Christlike lives.

The Gospel also can be preached visually, as churches did centuries before universal literacy became the norm.  In today’s word-based culture, we often fail to focus on the Gospel before us in the windows, mosaics, statuary, and icons of the Church.  Yet what riches the Church has preserved for us by providing visible aids to faith and holiness!

If you have the opportunity to be at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Greenville, SC, these notes in this series of posts summarize the Gospel in glass behind the altar, depicting Our Savior’s Passion.  More extensive discussions have been written about how to “read” a visual sermon¹ but for the purpose of our meditation upon the Gospel in St. Mary’s altar window, we’ll move from the bottom to the top, and from the foreground to the background.

So much encouragement, so much richness, so much of the Gospel appears in this window, it will require several postings to detail—particularly if we take time to meditate on the Gospel before us, not just to chronicle it.  I pray you’ll find this series of interest, even if you are not located near St. Mary’s. Developing an appreciation for the visual aids to holiness that The Church offers us is a wonderful reason for thanksgiving to God for calling us to life in Christ.

Truly, this is Christianity Richly!

¹ See, for example, Leonid Ouspensky and Vladimir Lossky, The Meaning of Icons.

² A collection of photos of St. Mary’s stained glass windows can be found here.  “Crucifixion/The Risen Christ” is the Gospel in glass.  I only wish there were a gloriously large, high-resolution image you could print, and use for meditation and prayer!

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