A Friend is Come . . . and I Have Nothing

In Christianity on March 7, 2011 at 5:38 pm

The photo is a sculpture of The Holy Family, located in the library at Ignatius House, Atlanta, GA.  If you have visited Christianity Richly before, you’ll have seen the photos taken at my December 2010 retreat.  However, you won’t have read much after that date.  Life during the following 60 days was filled with Christmas, New Year’s, and helping open a new business.

The time has come again to resume Christianity Richly. How I admire writers who have the discipline to produce something every day!  As a writer, I often feel like the man in Luke 11:6, who ran next door to borrow three loaves from a neighbor because, “A friend of mine is come . . . and I have nothing to set before him.”

May it not be so for the remainder of 2011. If you’ve seen something of God’s grace here at Christianity Richly in the past., then please ask Our Lord to give me the strength and perseverance to write in 2011. Your prayers will be much appreciated.

I pray not just have something to set before you, but in Christ’s abundance, something for you that nourishes richly!

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