Daily Riches

In Christianity on June 13, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Gaps between Christianity Richly posts suggest how difficult the daily discipline of writing can be. Yet daily prayer, and preparation for prayer through reading, is not difficult — once we experience how often our Lord meets us during those times.

By God’s enabling, I’ve kept daily prayer journals for more than 20 years. In them, His faithfulness is recorded. Why did I not realize before today, that these journals are writings? They record the daily riches of His grace. Is it possible, then, these journals may be a source of God’s encouragement not just to me, but to others?

One cannot say. But if the Holy Spirit graciously touches the notes (and amplifications of the notes) from some of these journals — to light our way in the struggles and joys of Christian pilgimage  — then that truly will be Christianity Richly. May God grant it so.

  1. Thanks, Richard

    That’s a great quote for meditation. I will make it my own, and the prayers are greatly appreciated and I will keep you in mine.


  2. Michael,

    Be assured of my prayers. Your name and concerns are now in my prayer journal, to be remembered regularly. I would be grateful for your prayers, as well. Thank you, too, for your encouragement to keep writing.

    The struggles you mention are almost surely common to all of us. Certainly they are for me. As a result, I often review the quotation I recorded in the front of my journal:

    “The mountain is high and the way slippery; it cannot be climbed with one joust, but only with repeated attacks.” –Blessed Henry Suso (†1366) St. Bernard adds that this is the one distinguishing mark between the elect and the reprobate: the reprobate remain prostrate in their falls, but the elect rise again and again. [Quotation from Magnificat, November 3, 2011]

    By the way, if you don’t subscribe to Magnificat, consider doing so. Over several years now, I have found the selections included by the editors (at the point where the homily would be given during daily Mass) have been very helpful for subsequent meditation and encouragement.

    Please keep me posted. In Christ’s love,


  3. Pray for me, because it is difficult for me. It is on my top 5 list of things that are difficult for me.
    1. Being a disciple of our Lord Jesus
    2. Being a Catholic
    3. Daily prayer and scripture reading
    4. Being a parent
    5. Being a husband

    depending on the day I could add a few more things to that list. Why is vise so much easier than virtue?

    I once heard the quote “even the silence of God gives me strength” but when the words on the page seem to never speak to me or prayer seems like a conversation with myself it’s hard to remember that.

    Keep writing, I always read



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